Preparing for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

Preparing for the MCAT exam is one of the most challenging test a student must take to pursue a career in the medical field whilst living in the USA or Canada. Based off the syllabus alone it is reccomended to put in 300-350 hours of study time. It is crucial to put in these hours for the best test results.

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How to Prepare for the MCAT's

The MCAT’s will be conducted via computer so it will pressure the student with time management based on the amount of time they will spend on one question. The best way to prepare yourself for this test format is to conduct sample/mock tests to attain the best time management and the best score attainable. We are providing sample mock tests on this website to help you garner the experience you need to attain the best points possible on the MCAT’s.

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We will be providing different variations of mock tests for the MCAT’s. By paying for a monthly subscription you will be provided with unlimited mock tests/sample tests to prepare you ahead of the MCAT examination. There will be serveral variations of this test and no hidden limits are applied once you have subscribed.

How to study effieciently for the MCAT's

The MCAT exam is a tough obstacle to par as it is one of the toughest entrance exams in education. In order to conquer this exam you need to be as efficient as possible and to fix as many mistakes as you can. Learning from your mistakes will help you attain the best score possible.

Monthly Curriculum

Megamasjid will be providing MCAT test papers , mock tests and random test generators for a monthly subscriber. These tests will help you improve your MCAT performance darastically and help your become more efficient with your time management on the test itself.

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